our story.


We are small family business and enjoy the craft of printing t-shirts.  We aspire to help other people achieve what they need on a shirt and we use a whole variety of methods to do that.  We love t-shirt printing as it is the closest we have come to being artistic without actually being artists.

When we are not working (which is rare) we are desperately trying to stay healthy - most mornings you can find us at the gym or out walking somewhere in Vancouver.  We have that obsession as one of us has had major health concerns in the last while after spending a lifetime of avoiding healthy food and exercise.  Despite what many people think we are not British but we are actually from Montreal!  Though we would each have to admit that it has been a long time since we have seen Montreal.

If you want a little more information on us our Dad had itchy feet and wanderlust and we lived in many parts of Canada, Australia and the UK as children.  And our adult lives have been just as confusing! 

We love all dogs - but particularly Bassett Hounds - and we have a box of dog treats in our studio for any dog that happens to wander in - with or without their human!

We particularly like working with people who are trying to put some sort of positive image on a shirt for their personal life though sometimes when pushed, we try to achieve some out of the ordinary effects as well.

Check out our Instagram Feed to see many samples of our recent work.



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